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Three tips to make traveling with a Toddler a bit easier this holiday season!

Three tips to make traveling with a Toddler a bit easier this holiday season!

Let’s be honest, the idea of traveling with a toddler always seems like a great idea – new places, new scenery, new experiences – what could be bad? You look forward to seeing friends, family and then then…there’s the packing. BAM! The reality of limited space, reduced carry-on allowances and the urge to pack five-times your toddlers body weight in “essentials” always seem to settle in.

As a co-Founder of Voyager, and a family that travels a lot (full disclosure, my husband / Voyager’s co-founders family is Swiss, so we go to Switzerland as often as our airmiles allow…) we decided to trade in our usual packed-to-the-max suitcases, our circus-esque amount of carry-ons and travel a bit lighter this time.

This is what we learned on our most recent trip:

  1. Replace “lots of stuff” with one product: embeba.
Forget the face cream, lip balm, moisturizer, and all the “just-in-case" ointments leave those home and take only embeba – this glue-stick-sized product replaced about 10 other products on this recent trip. It’s natural and always helps our skin adapt from hot, humid Florida weather to the shock of raw, cold Switzerland in November. 
  1. Don’t ever, ever, forget the milk, even when there is no refrigerator or room in the bag: Voyager

It is why we created Voyager – to ensure we can bring organic milk wherever we go – no need to refrigerate, and because it is powder you save precious size and weight in carry-ons. Not to mention it is TSA approved and available in single-serve sachets so there is no waste.

  1. Making memories with friends and family is more important than brining a lot of last-minute airport gifts: Happy Grub 

My sister-in-law always gives the most thoughtful gifts. As much as I try to emulate this, it’s a skill that I lack and somehow always end up the night before we leave with no gifts in hand. Instead of doing what we usually do – look at one another and shake our heads that –yet again, we did not shop in advance—this time, we fought the urge to purchase yet another Miami t-shirt and mug in the airport for family. Instead, we invited the family to brunch, and whipped up a batch of Happy Grub pancakes – best part – our Swiss family loved it and no messy clean up!

Hopefully these tips will help you travel a bit lighter this holiday season!